Hello everybody. Does anybody have a Wii U? Have you tried to get to the wiki chat? When you do, you see eveybody talking to each other, but you can't! Wikipedia needs to fix this problem! We can type, but we can't post what we said! We must unite so that Wikia can make a post button for the Wiki chat instead of clicking enter! There is no enter button on the Wii U Gamepad! Please help us Wii U users make a difference in the Wikia world! Also, does anyone have pictures of the 2013 LOTR sets? If you do can you post them on my page and then I'll reply to you that I've seen them so that you can take it down!

--User:IRONUPTHEHIDE and the autobots are here to help you. 22:49, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

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