First set is kraang lab escape comes with mikey foot ninja and good-o kraang the set is about Mikey escaping from the pod it's an ok set the kraang walker is bad next set stealth shell in pursuit it comes with raph and fish face and foot ninja the stealth shell is ok and the boat is weird next shredder dragon bike comes with Donny and shredder and an foot ninja mostly the set is awesome but Donny wooden thing is really bad next is Baxter robot rampage comes with Donny raph and April o Neil and Baxter the mouser is ok the robot is bad and the turtles plane and buggy is bad all and all is ok and the next set is turtle lair attack mainly this is poorly built anyways mini figs are Leo raph spinter foot ninja and dark ninja mainly the lair is poorly made this one is the (worst) set out of the line next is the shell raiser street chase all I can say is awful is really bad not as bad as the lair but really bad mini figs are great Leo mikey foot ninja kraang and dog pound like the pizza car it's funny :p

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