Is a dark time in Brickipedia Inrakk wakes up he notice a ad for R3 he finds a card but a Dragon invades his house his card turns him to a more powerful version of R3 but it does not work like R3 the card made him look like a eagle he used the blazing sword card and killed the dragon he later sees Tba villan with claws fights bluejay he runs up to Tba villan with claws and slashes him in the back he was later shot by Tba anti hero with gun and said welcome to the war Tba said what he was almost hit with tba's final shooting he was angry not just angry but enraged he was hit by the wolf beast but not to late till IceMecaDragon slashing the wolf beast bluejay asked them If he can join them IceMecaDragon said no but he wanted really bad but they where attacked by Tba villan with claw with his beast crabo bluejay summoned his beast beetleo they fight till Tba villan with claw was beheaded and finished bluejay bragged about this to IceMecaDragon so they went fighting IceMecaDragon summoned bato witch he did his final kick on but missed bluejay summoned his new crabo with beetleo witch beats IceMecaDragon till he summons wolfo (a recreated wolf beast) then bluejay said he will work alone then drill undead appers fighting Inrakk used his blazing shield and defeats drill undead and appers tba villan with drill was attacked by dragon and snake undead till he was aten ALIVE bluejay notice R3 has enter the dark relm to fight the undeads with his mini gun but the undeads died from them enter tba villan with yoyo of death attacks our heros but tba anti hero with bow fights tba villan with claws to be added

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