Fight against the ADU and other Aliens and Allie only with those who will assist the cause. The Alien Commander will lead us to doom in attacking the Earth , they have too great a force. This is a neutral army.


Basic foot soldier and warrior of the Separatists,carries Laser weaponry and energy grenades.Can pilot Tri-pods. 

Pilot Pilots vehicles and ships for the Separatists, are not fighters but carry's defensive weapons.Can pilot any vehicle and carriers Pistol.

Captain Leads Alien Troopers and carries greater weapons and has better training.They can lead squads of 10-20 Troopers. Carriers shot-gun ad Laser rifle.

Spy Can disguise it's self as a enemy troops and has several weapons and devices that can disable enemy vehicles and bases.

Engineer Creates turrets and weapons for the other troops of the Alien Separatists and can craft them with fallen weaponry. They can also upgrade weapons and vehicles.

Heavy Armed with Heavy and Anti-tank weaponry , are fairly well armored but are quite slow and cannot counter fast enemies with ease.

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