aka Paarthurnax

  • I live in The Throat of the World
  • I was born on September 9
  • My occupation is Leader of the Greybeards, current leader of the dragons
  • I am a dragon.
  • Irnakk

    Thanks I got your attention. So, umm, November 1st is my Brickiversary, and ummm, I'm going to, ummm, ummm, .......

    • I'll be adding pictures of some custom mini figures. I don't care if you don't like them, just make it better in your way.
    • I'll act more mature than usual. You know, I wasn't worthy of Chat Moderator for my sins.
    • Please forgive me for my sins.

    • I'm pretty sure I saw you contributing to the Wiki earlier... :/
      • Can't help it. It was a Wikia Staff controlling my brain, or I couldn't wait for today.
    • Who are you?
      • Someone.
    • I like this music. What's it called?
      • The Breaking of the Fellowship.
    • Are you really going to come online today?
      • I am. Keep in mind I'm only on for this day. But I'm considering only going on in the weekend, but I will make a…

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  • Irnakk

    A Message from Irnakk

    September 16, 2013 by Irnakk

    I leave because of personal reasons. I was a pretty boring and random-behaving user. Now someone is making a theme of me and says I would be touched. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Me returning to wikia to save it? Do you think I would do that? :/

    (NOTE: I am not returning AT ALL, I just logged on for 2 minutes to make this blog and say this is a very annoying way of "honouring" me.)

    (SIDE NOTE: Because telling others to tell Saburo that I don't like his theme doesn't help.)

    (EXTRA SIDE NOTE: I'm a plain boring user not someone who goes on a quest and kill Jastor Gallywix the Goblin or something)

    (USEFUL SIDE NOTE: I won't respond to any comments. I just felt I had to make this blog. If you REALLY want to speak with me, do it via Roblox, and only do …

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  • Irnakk

    Really LEGO.

    May 31, 2013 by Irnakk

    Hi, I just saw a video of the Brick show, and apparently the Ewok Village set's going to be like 295 euro's. ............... I'm so dissapointed by this, as I was planning to get both the Ewok Village and Orthanc...

    What say you? What say you?! Post below in the comments.

    (pretty much, I should've made this blog at Brickimedia, but I hate the blog comments there. :3)

    P.S, Sannse, if you're reading this, please do not talk about a fork, spoons are much better.

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  • Irnakk


    31. Da ......... question

    * Thing with the Hobbit is bgdxnxghxhhxfh Expanded! bcfv ch vnb! The Apprendixes at RotK! Gzgnxghhz! * It took us ......... days to finish both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit! * GFhxgzdĶhzz! gdxzhggzgz! 3D cool rzgfzdzgd LoTR!


    Winner: Awesomeknight1234

    32. Da ..''... question

    * I am a Ringbearer. * I am deceased. * I was part of the Last Alliance.
    Winner: Awesomeknight1234

    33. Da BATMAN question

    * ...the Dwarf talked so loud we could've shot him in the Dark. * Peter Jackson had to kill me off in a part that didn't exist in the book.

    Actually easy.


    34. Da NIGHT ELF MOHAWK Question

    * I am a weapon. * I am not a character (obviously, see above >_>). * I am a sword. * I was only in onemovie and not in…

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  • Irnakk

    Because Mr.Brix said the magic spell to make me vote yes, the blogs are continuing. There are 10 votes for yes, 0 for no. That's badass is it not? Well as I have LOTS AND LOTS OF FREE TIME I can make lots of these now, and as I see you people like them so much I'm more convinced to make more. So congratulations to those who voted yes. :)

    26. Da twenty-sixth question ;D

    * I am female. * I am awesome. * My sword is awesome, but it's unnamed. * I only appear in the second and third book/movie.

    It's kinda easy if you think pretty good.

    Winner: Samed5

    27. Da twenty-seventh question

    * I had bigger importance in the book, while in the movie I just yell GET OFF MAH FIELD! * I am a Hobbit. * I only appear in Fellowship of the Ring (if I remember correctl…

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