I leave because of personal reasons. I was a pretty boring and random-behaving user. Now someone is making a theme of me and says I would be touched. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Me returning to wikia to save it? Do you think I would do that? :/

(NOTE: I am not returning AT ALL, I just logged on for 2 minutes to make this blog and say this is a very annoying way of "honouring" me.)

(SIDE NOTE: Because telling others to tell Saburo that I don't like his theme doesn't help.)

(EXTRA SIDE NOTE: I'm a plain boring user not someone who goes on a quest and kill Jastor Gallywix the Goblin or something)

(USEFUL SIDE NOTE: I won't respond to any comments. I just felt I had to make this blog. If you REALLY want to speak with me, do it via Roblox, and only do that if you're Knight or Czech.)

Seriously, I got so damn pissed off.

Yes, I am a little mad at times.

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