Yeah,this is the second blog. a new blog for every 5 questions. Unbelieveable. :P


6. Da sixth (I'm starting to realise I need to learn more english...) question

* I am in the movies, but I have a really short role and I do not speak at all.
* I am the most appearing member of my race next to my Leader in the books.

Hard one.

Winner: Samed5

7. Da seventh (Spelling?!) question

* I am  a main character
* I used to have a red cloak before aquiring a new one, but LEGO gave me a different colored one.

I'd say this one is sorta easy.

Winner: RaceLord

8. Da eight question

* I am non-canonical (I do not appear in the books)
* I appear in a video game only, and I'm quite important in that specific one.

Small chance of succes, certainty of failure. what are you waiting for? :P

Winner: RaceLord

9. Da nineth (...) question

* Theoden's betrayed me... Rohaaaaaan has deserted us... FLEEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!
* Boromir would have given me a cool gift!

This one is really easy.

Winner: RaceLord

10. Da tenth quesiom

* In the book, me and my men are really nice. In the film, we aren't really nice for some reason.

Winner: RaceLord

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