New one. yay.


11. Da eleventh question

* Too late as usual, pirate scum. There's knife work here need doing!

Think closely.

Winners: RaceLord, Samed5 and Carmerville.

12. Da twelfth question

* Shiiiiiiireeee, Bagiiiiiinssss...
* Give up the Halfling, She-elf!

It's actually really easy, but yeah. Who is it? =3

Winner: RaceLord

13. Da thirteenth question

* WRAITHS! Wraiths on wings! :O
* Is it juicy? IS IT TASTY?! :DDDDD
* It wasn't us! We promised! The precious made us do it!


Winner: RaceLord

14. Da fourteenth question

* I appear in only one scene.
* I have an awesome laugh.

Winner: NightblazeSaber

15. Da fifteenth question Fifteen birds! In five firtrees! Their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze!

* I died in the War of the Ring, but I was described as being "doughty".
* I am omitted from the LEGO game, and I am not a playable character or a DLC character. LEGO didn't seem to care. :P

Winner: Legoboy9373

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