yay. new one. haha. hilarious.

Da questions

16. Da sixteenth question

* I can use the form of a bear.
* I am omitted from the 1977 The Hobbit animated film.

Winners: ErkelonJay and Samed5.

17. Da seventeenth question

* I am a Fellowship member yet I am not.
* I went away and came back.

Winner: NuffSaid

18. Da eighteenth question

* Ofcourse I am your favorite character!
* I did way more than Sam!
* Not sending him away!
* Not without a guide!
* I look like Harry Potter!


Winners: Samed5 and Awesomeknight1234

19. Da nineteenth question

* I am an elf.
* I got killed by a balrog and I came back.

Winner: Carmerville

20. Da twentyth (spelling?) question

* I am an elf.
* I am a ringbearer.
* My daughter married another ringbearer.

Well. Guess. :P

Winner: Samed5

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