Because Mr.Brix said the magic spell to make me vote yes, the blogs are continuing. There are 10 votes for yes, 0 for no. That's badass is it not? Well as I have LOTS AND LOTS OF FREE TIME I can make lots of these now, and as I see you people like them so much I'm more convinced to make more. So congratulations to those who voted yes. :)

Da question

26. Da twenty-sixth question ;D

* I am female.
* I am awesome.
* My sword is awesome, but it's unnamed.
* I only appear in the second and third book/movie.

It's kinda easy if you think pretty good.

Winner: Samed5

27. Da twenty-seventh question

* I had bigger importance in the book, while in the movie I just yell GET OFF MAH FIELD! 
* I am a Hobbit.
* I only appear in Fellowship of the Ring (if I remember correctly).
Winner: Mr.Brix

28. Da twenty-eight question

* ...You stink of horse.
* Trololololol!   
* It's his excessive consumption of MUSHROOMS!
* Perhaps you want the keys of Orthanc? Or the keys of Orthanc? Sorry I don't have the keys of Barad-dûr itself!
* Bring them to me alive, and UNSPOILED.
* Whom do you serve?


Winner: Legoboy9373

29. Da twenty-nineth (...) question

* I was quite important in the books, though in the movies I'm usually only mentioned.
* I have a body during the War of the Ring, but I never fought because I was 
too weak.
* Peter Jackson does not respect what I said above, an he only cares about the     action. :P
* I am The Lord of the Rings. (BIG HINT!)

It's easy if you've read the book, or if you're cheating by reading stuff on a wiki. :P

Winner: Legoboy9373

30. Da (YOU KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT) question

* Welcome to my Tolkienshop!
* I am a real person.
* I am one of the biggest LoTR fans in the world.
* If you want to read Lord of the Rings in Russian, you can buy that too!

lol XD

Winner: Carmerville

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