Da questions

31. Da ......... question

* Thing with the Hobbit is bgdxnxghxhhxfh Expanded! bcfv ch vnb! The Apprendixes at RotK! Gzgnxghhz!
* It took us ......... days to finish both the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit!
* GFhxgzdĶhzz! gdxzhggzgz! 3D cool rzgfzdzgd LoTR!


Winner: Awesomeknight1234

32. Da ..''... question

* I am a Ringbearer.
* I am deceased.
* I was part of the Last Alliance.
Winner: Awesomeknight1234

33. Da BATMAN question

* ...the Dwarf talked so loud we could've shot him in the Dark.
* Peter Jackson had to kill me off in a part that didn't exist in the book.

Actually easy.

Winner: Mr.Brix

34. Da NIGHT ELF MOHAWK Question

* I am a weapon.
* I am not a character (obviously, see above >_>).
* I am a sword.
* I was only in onemovie and not in any book.
* Non-Canon.
* Dissapeared after its owner found a new sword.
Winner: Sparrow9988

Knight knows this. I'm sure of that.

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