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    I never had Spongebob Minifigures, so I created my own ones by myself. This is the wave number one.

    Because I didn't have yellow versions of the pieces I needed, I had to paint some of Spongebob's parts. It is composed of 7 parts. Accessories

    • Fork (I don't have a spatula)
    • Essay (like the one from Procrastination)

    The baby version of Puffy Fluffy is a brick-built green and blue Minifigure. It has blue eyes. It is composed of 4 parts.

    This brick-built Minifigure is another version of the Puffy Fluffy, the one based on the grown-up eel version of Pufy Fluffy. It is composed of 13 parts.

    The Gary Minifigure is another brick-built Minifigure. It is copmosed of 8 parts.

    The brick-built Minifigure for Plankton is the most simple Minifigre of this wave. I…

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