Doug Wolf 3d Animation Demo Reel03:49

Doug Wolf 3d Animation Demo Reel

I found this today while browsing YouTube. Skip to 1:25 for the LEGO part. According to the video uploader and animator, Doug Wolf, this was going to be the intro video for the LEGO Alpha Team video game. At the time this animation was made, the game was under the working title "LEGO Logic", and the Alpha Team was the "Trans-International LEGO Team" (the group of six characters featured in the video). However, by the time Digital Domain finished the animation, LEGO had redesigned most of the game, replacing the TILT with the Alpha Team and giving the game a generally more serious feel to it (the designs for TeeVee and Ogel, however, don't seem to have been changed). As a result, the animation was never used, and instead, an entirely new one was created, using the updated character designs:

LEGO Alpha Team (PC) Intro Video01:48

LEGO Alpha Team (PC) Intro Video

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