• Jangofett1217

    ==LEGO Star Wars==

    April 26, 2011 by Jangofett1217

    Anybody and everybody please comment on this blog because i need your opinion. Which one of these LEGO Star Wars sets do you think is the best. (There is no right or wrong answers, this is your opinion not a fact.)

    1. 2002, Bounty Hunter Prusuit, set 7133 2. 2005, X-Wing Fighter, set 4502 3. 2004, Millennium Falcon, set 4504 4. 2006, Slave 1, set 6209 5. 2007, Motorized Walking AT-AT, set 10178 6. 2008, Death Star, set 10188 7. 2009, Battle Of Endor, set 8038 8. 2009, Republic Drop Ship with AT-OT, set 10195 9. 2010, Hoth Wampa Cave, set 8089 10. 2010, AT-AT Walker, set 8129

    I just want your opinion, nothing else.



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