I have a few questions for you people

Q1: what is your favorite current theme?

1. Star Wars

2. Ninjago

3. Hero Factory


5.LEGO games

6. other. (please specify)

Q2: What theme do you want?

1. Nintendo

2. Minecraft

3. a new space theme

4. a new racing theme

5. a new "action figure" theme

6. other (please specify)

Q3: what is your favorite collectible minifigure?

1. other (please specify)

Q4: what is your favorite video game series?

1. super Mario
2. call of duty
3. Halo
4. ratchet and clank
5. other (please Specify)

Q5:what is your favorite food?

1. Hot Wings

2. pizza

3. carrots

4. other (please Specify)

Q6: Do you think I am a good user?

1. best ever

2. great

3. good

4. netural

5. OK

6. bad

7. terrible

8. worst ever!

that is all put your answers in the comments please.

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