This is my first blog entry!!! :D

I came really close to death today, once again! There was a gang of about twenty bandits robbing Jumonacai Village, so Sensei sent the four of us to go stop them. Apparently these guys were professionals, but I hadn't ever heard of them. Anyway, When we got there, the had giant axes like you would see vikings use! Can you believe that? Viking axes! Hahaha! Then they all yelled and ran towards us! We all started using Spinjitzu, and took out ten of them pretty quick. The other ten dudes were buff and weren't so easy. I swung my nunchucks at a guy's head, but he caught them, and pulled them out of my hand! He hit me with them, and I stumbled backward, near the cliff! Then one guy went totally insane, started screaming, jumped on me, and pushed us both off the edge! He was just laughing and laughing and I was screaming and screaming. We fell for like a minute, but then I remembered I can fly... Lucky for him, I had an extra ninja-sword, I snagged it onto his clothing, and stuck it on the side of the cliff. He stopped falling to his doom, and just started hanging there on the side of the cliff. I used my true-potential (NRG) and flew back up to the top of the cliff. I landed, and then punched the guy who took my nunchucks, used Spinjitzu on him, and he was out cold. So, A pretty boring day I guess...Hope its more interesting tomorrow! Please leave nice comments and ask questions! Jay is out! PEACE!

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