• JeagerEX12

    The reason why I don't buy those sets because the theme and the franchise made it very worst than before. The story is inaccurate especially the following below:

    Poison Ivy is not actually a heroine except in Arkhamverse. Amanda Waller is a principal. Gorilla Grodd is an assistant principal but he is a villain in the comics. WTH is that? They made Harambe upset since he died. Commissioner Gordon is a teacher? But he is a police commissioner.

    Anyways not only LEGO, but the entire franchise is the worst at all.

    In my opinion, They made it very badddd. They don't know culture.

    Hope the person who gave this idea to them was fire from WB and DC and ended up trouble sleeping at night.

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  • JeagerEX12

    When I bought a Portal 2 Level Pack at my local 99 cent store and I opened it the pieces are complete but there is no instruction booklet that has an instructions on how to build their vehicle gadgets. It only has a mini-booklet that contains minifigure assembly, check-list, and a small guide on LEGO Dimensions.

    Anyways they all legit if the LEGO Logo is present. However, most people buy LEGO Dimensions on 99Cent stores instead of the local retail stores because the price is high and expensive especially Level and Team packs. Hopefully no one else made a complain on 99cent stores because I don't want them to stop selling LEGO Dimensions.

    We want to save them in more stock especially Year 2 packs will be available if Year 3 introduced.

    Not onl…

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  • JeagerEX12

    Haunted LEGOs

    February 27, 2017 by JeagerEX12

    Is the LEGO figures and bricks in this headstone could be haunted? It will might be a cursed LEGO toys if a bystander or a vandal will destroy and steal the figures in order to keep them as a collection and sell them on ebay.

    Since there is no reports of the haunted legos but this headstone is still remained untouched.

    If you steal and keep them from this headstone, the LEGO you took will give you nightmare because you cannot take any toys (mostly LEGO figures) in the public place (not only stores, but in buses, parks and malls etc). That is stealing.

    If you see a LEGO toys that is owned by a deceased owner, don't take it or else you'll get cursed. Because you cannot steal things from a deceased owner just like the treasure inside the Pyramid…

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  • JeagerEX12

    I can't believe that a Chinese toy company called Enlighten Brick is getting revenge on LEGO after they lost over lawsuit. Now they making their own Minifigures series without their permission from them. I know LEGO has a rights of making Minifigures series, but if they noticed soon they will get sued because of using their own theme title which is similar to LEGO's own. I will never forgive them of what they did because China don't care about the copyright laws. Only they care about is money. Hope LEGO will find out about this situation.

    Here's the links:

    Series 1 -

    • Soccer Player/Goalkeeper
    • Bear Suit Guy - Everybody likes animal/food/plant/object suit people in LEGO but they don't have respect to our comp…
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  • JeagerEX12

    I saw these recent enlighten Police sets from this website ( has anything reference to gangs, weapons, and violence including the set called Exposes Attacks which features two minifigures which are a police and a dangerous criminal and a tanker truck with a radioactive sign. Also there is another set that has a police pickup truck with a machine gun on the back which is bears a resemblance to the Technical, a modified civilian pickup truck that is used by the rebel groups. In real-life, every law enforcement around the world has a pickup truck that only use as a utility truck or transporting confiscated goods and evidence.

    Could these sets are referenced to terrorism? Because LEGO City police is only f…

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