I saw these recent enlighten Police sets from this website ( has anything reference to gangs, weapons, and violence including the set called Exposes Attacks which features two minifigures which are a police and a dangerous criminal and a tanker truck with a radioactive sign. Also there is another set that has a police pickup truck with a machine gun on the back which is bears a resemblance to the Technical, a modified civilian pickup truck that is used by the rebel groups. In real-life, every law enforcement around the world has a pickup truck that only use as a utility truck or transporting confiscated goods and evidence.

Could these sets are referenced to terrorism? Because LEGO City police is only focused on cops and robbers without weapons due to the non-violence policy.

1. They're are a bunch of lunatics who made those violent sets. 2. US Law Enforcement uses pickup trucks for utility purposes like what I said in the first sentences. Must look at that. 3. These are knock-offs, not made from a legit companies. 4. Some youth will learn how to commit crimes with these building sets, not only just video games and toy weapons.

At least, there are two sets from this theme that does not have any guns and violence are the SWAT Hunt and a Sea SWAT Patrol Hovercraft.

After the wake of the 2016 Berlin terror attack in Germany, those sets will pulled out from the stores. Not only in Germany alone, but the entire Europe. And not only just in Europe, but must ban those sets worldwide. LEGO cannot adopt these sets because of violence. And it sounds like promoting domestic terrorism. Check this commercial video (, they put grenades.

I would never ever buy those sets because they are the most violent building brick sets that ever seen than a LEGO Agents Volcano Base which features Agent Fuse tied in the lava pit.

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