I can't believe that a Chinese toy company called Enlighten Brick is getting revenge on LEGO after they lost over lawsuit. Now they making their own Minifigures series without their permission from them. I know LEGO has a rights of making Minifigures series, but if they noticed soon they will get sued because of using their own theme title which is similar to LEGO's own. I will never forgive them of what they did because China don't care about the copyright laws. Only they care about is money. Hope LEGO will find out about this situation.

Here's the links:

Series 1 -

  • Soccer Player/Goalkeeper
  • Bear Suit Guy - Everybody likes animal/food/plant/object suit people in LEGO but they don't have respect to our company.
  • Jiang-Shi/Oriental Vampire - No offense for the Chinese culture.
  • Cyborg (Terminator inspired) - LEGO has a policy of not created violent stuff. Plus children and other young adults will become violent.
  • SWAT Officer - We already had those in LEGO City but with handcuffs instead of guns. LEGO does not reflect on reality.
  • Nutcracker - A Traditional nutcracker in folklore does not have a gun but only in real-life decoration.
  • Ice Cream Girl - Don't make me mad for this because most fans wants LEGO to make this figure.
  • Prisoner - If LEGO had this idea, they will make him less violent with a handcuffs only like the Inmate Joker in LEGO Batman Movie series.

Series 2 -

  • Street Rapper - Seriously you wanna add an African-American person with a stereotype accents in toys. He looks like a street gang member to me. Maybe the company are racist. I think their boss/manager is Adolf Hitler or any former Nazis.
  • Angel - Blasphemy! Why you want to offend Christians? Since LEGO had a Boy in a devil costume, but he is not actually a devil. He's just a boy in a costume with a Halloween basket.
  • Witch Doctor - That will be fine for LEGO but with more lighter skin.

If they continue doing these, LEGO will lose money and the Minifigures series will get discontinued because they taking their fan's ideas.

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