A LEGO built headstone in Utah Cemetery for the boy who died in 2009.

Is the LEGO figures and bricks in this headstone could be haunted? It will might be a cursed LEGO toys if a bystander or a vandal will destroy and steal the figures in order to keep them as a collection and sell them on ebay.

Since there is no reports of the haunted legos but this headstone is still remained untouched.

If you steal and keep them from this headstone, the LEGO you took will give you nightmare because you cannot take any toys (mostly LEGO figures) in the public place (not only stores, but in buses, parks and malls etc). That is stealing.

If you see a LEGO toys that is owned by a deceased owner, don't take it or else you'll get cursed. Because you cannot steal things from a deceased owner just like the treasure inside the Pyramids in Egypt.

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