When I bought a Portal 2 Level Pack at my local 99 cent store and I opened it the pieces are complete but there is no instruction booklet that has an instructions on how to build their vehicle gadgets. It only has a mini-booklet that contains minifigure assembly, check-list, and a small guide on LEGO Dimensions.

Anyways they all legit if the LEGO Logo is present. However, most people buy LEGO Dimensions on 99Cent stores instead of the local retail stores because the price is high and expensive especially Level and Team packs. Hopefully no one else made a complain on 99cent stores because I don't want them to stop selling LEGO Dimensions.

We want to save them in more stock especially Year 2 packs will be available if Year 3 introduced.

Not only LEGO Dimensions, but they can have a chance to sell Series 16 Minifigures series since its already discontinued. Please don't say it's not fair, because people wants to buy LEGOs on 99cent store to save a little bit money.

NOTE: Don't complain 99c stores to LEGO Customer Service because of this little problem or else the LEGO Group will contact their head office and will send a notice. Once if they signed a notice, they will stop selling all LEGO products due to most complaints.

And its a good news. No one else choked or swallowed a LEGO that bought from that store. Thanks to the policy regarding child safety. Because they don't allow to let a toddler or a child to play with a regular LEGO toys because they might swallow it like you ate too much vitamins that think is a candy. That's why they made DUPLO for toddlers in order to learn how to play with.

For your own good. Please don't complain to LEGO customer service or you'll ended by seeing a notice from the company in the entrance.

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