The Super Heroes sets are confirmed! Well, kinda. We have a set number and price. The sets are "DC 1", and that can't be the final name. I noticed the official set Numbers. are Exactly the same as the ones put on all about bricks( a month ago. This makes me think the real sets are the same as all about bricks. But if so, what comes in them? Here are my guesses:

I think DC 1, possibly to be called Batman v.s Catwoman will be Arkham Asylum, With Batman, Catwoman, and Bane. I think Dc 2 will be The Batcave with Batman,Bruce Wayne,Robin, Poison Ivy, Green Lantern and maybe another. For DC 3,possibly Superman vs Lex luthor,I think will be a robot for lex. for dc 4,possibly Batman vs joker i think it is the Batmobile and Jokermobile from the animated seiries with Batman,Joker and Harley Quinn.For DC 5, i think it is the batwing and helicopter for rddler and two face.

So these are my guesses. let me know if you find proof of these rumour names .

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