King Aztholti's armory and wardrobe info:

shredder Masked and caped form: Warfare vampire No armor or cape: regular christmas PJs

Funeral Outfit: hooded tuxedo and ritual staff Angel form: shredder masked wings Chima armored Fire warrior: red tank and pants fire lion sword and fire staff sochi 2014 outfit: golden sleeves blue shirt and pants american pride: red sleeves white shirt blue pants canadian pride: red sleeves and pants white shirt Final form: fire wings fire leg mask of life wedding tuxedo: all white yellow skin black obi wan hair Loving Father: Light blue shirt dark blue pants weapons and helmets: mask of life Zod ver. and iron man ver. blue and green lightsaber Chima gun Golden staff of christmas Black Valos Eagle Axe gold tomahawk gold shield The egg of destiny Ice Light black arrow gun and flare gun. unikitty's outfits: Christmas PJs: red green white Funeral outfit: black and blue Queasy Kitty in blue PJs:sick uni-kitty in her blue PJs wedding outfit:purple black blue green Mother to be: Christmas PJ's pregnant belly and silver necklace. and that's about it for the wardrobe designed on LDD

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