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  • I live in Gotham City
  • I was born on March 16
  • I am Male
  • Jpw150

    (Set after Part 4 of Nuff's story). (May revise some of this later).

    “Before heading out to Gotham for Bruce’s party, I decided to look up some information on Luthor in the Quiver Cave.” Now, you may be thinking this is a ridiculous name, but arrows are kept in a quiver, so I thought it fit. All of a sudden, I heard people behind me. I then sprang into action, and fired. Luckily, my arrow missed, since it was only John and Dinah.”

    Oliver- “Jeez guys, you know not to sneak up on me when I am working.”

    John Diggle- “Sorry Mr.Queen, but your flight for Gotham leaves in 2 hours. You should be getting ready.”

    Oliver- “First of all, call me Oliver, John, and last time I checked, you weren’t my butler.”

    John- “Well Dinah can’t be the only one telling …

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  • Jpw150

    Hey everybody! I recently just finished my first review ever! It is of the new Kraang poly-bag!

    Now, in the comments, tell me what you think of it!

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  • Jpw150

    Jpw's sig figs!

    August 16, 2013 by Jpw150


    Since everyone else is making them, I felt inspired to make some sig-figs of my own. I will most likely be making more, and will be trying to make as many people as possible. Also, if you want something changed on your figure, just tell me, and I will put it in the next update/batch. No promises though... So without further ado, let's get on to the figures.

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  • Jpw150

    Remember when LEGO reserved set numbers for 2 more Minecraft sets? Well, according to Hoth Bricks [1],[2] has the next 2 Minecraft sets listed, entitled 21105 LEGO Minecraft: The Nether, and 21106 LEGO Minecraft: The Village. Also on the website is the release date, September 1st, and the price, $35.00. Though this is just a rumor, this can be very likely to happen. Now, discuss below, and tell me what you think. Are you happy with the choice of Biomes, or would you have rather have seen something else?

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