Ok... we all know The Toy Story theme was discontinued, however i would love a toy story game. It wont come true, but whatever.

It would be the same format as lego harry potter. you could explore Andy's room, jump into the car and drive to the kindergarten (or whatever its called cos im english!) or even explore the house.

You coulkd unlock charcter tokens for: Woody Buzz Jessie Bullseye Rex Slinky Hockey Puck! Bo Peep Bo Peep's Sheep Lotsso Huggin Bear?!!?! Big Baby Maybe even.... Andy (Child) Andy (Teen) Andy's Friend Mr.Potato Head Mrs.Potato Head...

Well, that's just my imagination?!!?!?

The list goes on! It could play all through films 1-3! Goodbye,--Allo! I like cheese and I is Keidah !!!! Woooo! 23:49, December 23, 2011 (UTC) Keidah.

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