All of us like to build with LEGO. But sometimes, we snap that really cool piece that comes in only one or two sets, or is the only one you have. Pick A Brick has lots of parts, but not all. Something I have found that works wonders on these plastic parts is SuperGlue. I have used this with my Dust and Hyperspeed Pursuit sets, and they are still strong. Place a small drop of super glue on the snapped part, and hold it together for about 10-30 seconds. Don't get your skin on it, because it will pull off and make the element thicker. After it can hold itself together, leave it for 24 hours to set. After that, enjoy! Don't put too much strain on it, or it might break again. Discoloration of the part is normal, but it just makes the element look a little older. Have fun!

King Joe 19:54, July 8, 2010 (UTC)King Joe

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