King Kahuka

aka Wouldn't YOU like to know?

  • I live in don't judge me
  • My occupation is spelunky
  • I am Male
  • King Kahuka

    I'm sure some of you have been in castle roleplay or didn't make it in, well, i just want to say i'm sorry for everything rude i did there.

    I'm mature now, because when i left this wiki i realized my old actions were just... stupid, dull, and rude.

    Brix is the person i just morbidly torchered. I kept ruining his life, wrecking everything he did on the roleplay, and just acted like a dumb jerk.

    Brix deserves better than what happened over there and i was the idiot who made him decide to not fork with us.

    There was also a guy with an epic face that had glasses on it as an avatar. His character was named Ink if i recall correctly and he was a shadow wizard, and he was happy to enter in until i tore him down. His concept was really cool and it kin…

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  • King Kahuka

    according to most of the pages here (i.e. Ultra Agents) you guys are copy-and-pasting our information, could you guys please be original and stop stealing our stuff?

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  • King Kahuka

    Brickipedia MOCathon!

    January 26, 2014 by King Kahuka

    The Brickipedia MOCathon, where i show my tons of MOCS, hope you enjoy. :P

    i will add more to the MOCathon soon! :P

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  • King Kahuka

    Behold! The LEGO Space Concept Art Building Contest, a contest bent on making art... interesting, isn't it? In this contest, users will draw concept art, if its good quality art then the user will probably win an award. Remember, don't use LDD.

    • NO DOCTOR WHO. Don't complain that you're not allowed to do doctor who either.
    • Licensed themes, such as Star Wars, are allowed. I'm talking to you, star wars fans. :P
    • No Porn. I'm pretty sure all of you know you're not supposed to make Porn.
    • No Spin-offs of other themes/movies/shows. I cried when i saw Alpha Dra-Pony. ='(
    • Users who are indeed complete lovers of Space/Star Wars, can have concept art of themselves. CGCJ is an example.

    No entries currently.

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  • King Kahuka

    My first rant, now lets get on to the point.

    NuffSaid is a nice guy, and he made RPGs, but when i was inspired, he thought i was competing against him for Popularity. I don't want popularity to tell the truth, and most of the time i just want people to have fun on my RPs, i'm not competing with anyone. And other RPs i actually enjoy, so i created an RP Hub for all the people who made those great RPs to place they're RPs in it. Then we clashed together into a group called "Roleplay Hub Owners". There was never a Popularity Competition, it was all for users to have fun. I try to let people enjoy Roleplay, i dont use them as tools to make myself popular. Popularity is obsolete and useless, including that it does nothing for me.

    NuffSaid ranted ab…

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