Castle RP is no longer being continued here. The blog will be continued on here. If you have any questions, go to King Kahuka's talk page.

The Castle RP has been put on hold until my computer is fixed, it may take a few weeks.

i got this idea from the LEGO Message Boards, but its a good idea so i was thinking to try it out on brickipedia, and besides, this could be the next fad and crush all those sig-fig blogs...


  • Users will be defeated and jailed. But the user gets a week head start, to prevent infinite user killing.
  • Do not escape the prison. Or you will be kicked from the Roleplay, or even banned.
  • No indestructible weapons. Even treasures and relics can be destroyed.
  • Must not mention anything modern. No, i don't care about Ninjago City.
  • Do not use any Modern Warfare or Weapons. If you want this, then go play resident evil, this is a Castle Roleplay.
  • Do not beg for Roleplay Adminship
  • Do not base or create anything off this blog. Unless you are a Roleplay Admin.
  • Do not mention or use anything outside of castle. Very little enables the ability for use of outside-of-theme objects.


Information is given, so that the user understands what he should do before starting.

Introducing yourself

A player must introduce himself through a blog comment here before proceeding into areas (which are blogs too)

How you should give info on your character:

  • Name:
  • Weapons:
  • Armor:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality (optional):
  • Magic (don't enter this unless you have been taught by a wizard in past roleplays, or have been taught by a wizard in this one):
  • Faction (optional):
  • Race:

This is an important part of the Roleplay.


Users can collect different colored bricks to build small outposts and items.

Mining, Crafting, and Wizardry

Mining is done only by having a pickaxe, bronze pickaxes can be obtained by buying it from a blacksmith.

Crafting is done by using things (like furnaces, ovens, or workbenches) to turn a raw material into an item, this is needed to build some items.

Wizardry is a secondary skill, it can be used by anyone if they are trained by a wizard. Wizardry is stronger if the user is a wizard.

Current Areas

  • Snowtop Forest

Roleplay Admins

  • Jeyo (Major Castle Fan)


  • All themes from Forestmen, Black Falcons, and Crusaders to Elite Dragon Knights and Lion Knights.
  • Wizards
  • Rogues
  • Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters/Assassins
  • Elven Resistance

Current Characters

User:King Kahuka

  • Name: Vultyre Blackfalcon
  • Weapons: Black Longsword (lord of the rings)
  • Armor: Black Chestplate with Black Falcon Emblem.
  • Appearance: Nova Hunter's Head except with Black Eyebrows and Black Mustache, Blue hips, Black tunic, Blue gloves, Black legs.
  • Personality (optional): Wise, Strategist by Heart, Focused on the battlefield.
  • Magic: Dark Magic
  • Faction: Black Falcons (King)
  • Race: Avian


  • Name: Awesome Knight
  • Weapons: A sword, and many different types of knives of many sorts. (I'm very skilled with blades.)
  • Armor: Armless scale armor. Normal pants. Black boots. Blue tunic underneath armor.
  • Appearance: Stubble beard. Brown hair. Manly smirk.
  • Personality (optional): Manly. Loves to kill dem bad guys. Loyal to Morcia. Humorous.
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: Knights of Morcia (king william timeline)
  • Race: Human


  • Name: Lallus
  • Weapons: Spells, staff
  • Armor: Robes with enchantments to ward arrows
  • Appearance: Brown robes, overweight, brown bushy beard.
  • Personality: The wise and great wizard, he is very.... Goofy. But he does have awesome and mysterious power, somewhere... When he chooses to use it.
  • Magic: All
  • Faction: Wizards
  • Race: Istari


  • Name: NuffSaid
  • Weapons: LOTR long sword.
  • Armor: Robes and small amounts of chain armor
  • Apperance: Red Hair, stubble (optional), smirk or mad face.
  • Personality: Canadian Lumberjack with a hint of Morgan Freeman
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Human


  • Name: Dalek
  • Weapons: knives, sword
  • Armor: Iron chestplate, helmet
  • Appearance: Longish brown hair, stubble
  • Personality: serious-ish
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: Elite Dragon Knights
  • Race: Human


  • Name: Nyren Darkflame
  • Weapons: Staff, Tome of Darkness
  • Armor: Enchanted Robes
  • Appearance: Tall, with black robes and a hood, unkempt brown hair, no facial hair
  • Personality: Serious, and calm, has great magical power
  • Magic: Shadow Magic
  • Faction: Wolfpack
  • Race: Werewolf


  • Name: Korpish
  • Weapons: One handed sword or a light katana.
  • Armor: Light reinforced leather armor.
  • Appearance: Not so tall but not so short and has blondish hair.
  • Personality (optional): Brave but sometimes a little bit of a jerk
  • Magic: Fire Magic
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Human


  • Name: Shlomo
  • Weapons: Sword and Staff
  • Armor: White Robes
  • Appearance: Long wavy dark brown Hair and 4 arms
  • Personality: Strange, silent
  • Magic: Ice Magic
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Probably Human


  • Name: Marcus
  • Weapons: Twin Daggers
  • Armor: Enchanted black diamond robes
  • Appearance: Depends
  • Personality: Serious but kind to all
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: Rogues
  • Race: Skin-changer


  • Name: Finrod Telrùnia
  • Weapons: bow, daggers
  • Armor: Elven clothes
  • Appearance: Elvish (The Hobbit, or Minifigures) dark-dark-brown hair, no facial hair: w/ cheekbones
  • Personality: Serious, but can be very funny
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: Forest Elves (The good Elves)
  • Race: Elf


  • Name: Gwaine
  • Weapons: Blade of Woe, Mace of Molag Bal
  • Armor: Nordic Iron Armor
  • Appearance: Aragorn beard.
  • Personality: I spend most of the time at the tavern.
  • Magic: Dragon Shouts
  • Faction: Mercenaries
  • Race: Human

User: Maginn ster27

  • Name: Maggin Ster
  • Weapons: Iron Sword (Default)
  • Armour: Iron Chestplate and Iron Helmet (Default)
  • Appearance: Classic Face (Default)
  • Personality: Normal (Default)
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Human

User:Amir Kinard

  • Name: Amir Kinard
  • Weapons: Spider Staff
  • Armor: Spider Armor
  • Appearance: Spider-Like Head
  • Personality (optional): Fun,Genius, Wise-crack,
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Human-Spider


  • Name: Brixcus
  • Weapons: Sword and Ice Staff
  • Armor: Robes that have protection spells on them
  • Appearance: Anakin Skywalker Clone Wars hair, with no beard and long white robes.
  • Personality: Funny, Smart, Crazy
  • Magic: Ice Magic
  • Faction: Wizards
  • Race: Istari


  • Name: Jonathan Gregory
  • Weapons: Wooden staff, dagger and a silver chain
  • Armor: Black Robes
  • Appearance: Cold eyes and a grey beard. Cloaked in dark robes.
  • Personality: Withdrawn and solitary.
  • Magic: None
  • Faction: None
  • Race: Human (Born with special abilities for communicating and dealing with the undead.)


  • Name: Galadhanu
  • Weapons: Bow and Arrow
  • Armor: Elvish Clothing
  • Appearance: Blonde-haired elf
  • Personality: Wise
  • Magic: Healing
  • Faction: Elven Resistance
  • Race: Elf


Name: Daniel

Weapons: Black Sword

Armor: Black Falcon Standard-Issue

Appearance: groomed, short-and-brown-haired.

Personality: Stern

Faction: Black Falcons

Magic: Potions of Healing.

Race: Human


  • Name: Paul.
  • Weapons: Long sword or short sword.
  • Armor: Chain armor.
  • Appearance: Long hair Black pants chain armor black gloves grey chain armor on chest and black cape.
  • Personality: Stern and strong.
  • Faction: Ranger.
  • Magic: None.
  • Race:Human.

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