I'm sure some of you have been in castle roleplay or didn't make it in, well, i just want to say i'm sorry for everything rude i did there.

I'm mature now, because when i left this wiki i realized my old actions were just... stupid, dull, and rude.

Brix is the person i just morbidly torchered. I kept ruining his life, wrecking everything he did on the roleplay, and just acted like a dumb jerk.

Brix deserves better than what happened over there and i was the idiot who made him decide to not fork with us.

There was also a guy with an epic face that had glasses on it as an avatar. His character was named Ink if i recall correctly and he was a shadow wizard, and he was happy to enter in until i tore him down. His concept was really cool and it kind of reminded me of the Night Lord, and if a character that reminded me of the night lord wanted to join castle roleplay he deserved to be in there.

But no, because i tore him down like a jerk.

LEGOMAN i think i also tore down once, there was also Irnakk who just wanted to join in really badly but i never got to it.

Now, i'm going to fix the mess i did on that blog.

Awesomeknight is creating a comic series based on Castle RP. It will include all of you, irnakk, brix, and even legoman will all be in the comic series. He will be posting it at his Flickr account and on Brickimedia's LEGO Stories Wiki.

The comic series is not only a way to enjoy and embrace Castle RP once again, but also to apologize to you guys about how i never got to adding you into the RP and at some times tore you down. I hope you guys can say "Apology Accepted" right back at me, because it would really make my day, no, not my day, my week.

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