Here, is a LEGO Adventurers Building Contest, it can be a new theme, or based on a theme (egypt, orient expidition, amazon, dino island, etc) and i will choose the winner of the contest, (note: some sets don't have to include johnny thunder, but they have to include an adventurers character) i hope your creations will be excellent! Digital Designer and Reality Creations are allowed!


  • Don't post real sets, it will be unaccepted.
  • ALWAYS include at least 1 Adventurers minifigure.
  • Don't worry, if you dont have an idea, base off from a real theme.
  • I'm not talking about Indiana Jones -_-
  • have fun building!


I editted the awards, they dont involve real-life, i cant do that...

  • First Place: A special and secret reward you can only get by me.
  • Second Place: A Sig-Fig of the Winner.
  • Third Place: Adventurers Reward.

ONLY post Adventurers custom LEGO sets, not indiana jones, not that stuff, the theme Adventurers, if you dont recognize this then here is a link:

Please dont post anything other than Adventurers.

AND PLEASE don't use any real set, use your own imagination.

Current Entries


NightWolf's Entry. Johnny Thunder's Moonstone Discovery


NuffSaid's Entry. Aztec Treasure


Mr.Brix's Entry. Artic Bridge Chase

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