Behold! The LEGO Space Concept Art Building Contest, a contest bent on making art... interesting, isn't it? In this contest, users will draw concept art, if its good quality art then the user will probably win an award. Remember, don't use LDD.


  • NO DOCTOR WHO. Don't complain that you're not allowed to do doctor who either.
  • Licensed themes, such as Star Wars, are allowed. I'm talking to you, star wars fans. :P
  • No Porn. I'm pretty sure all of you know you're not supposed to make Porn.
  • No Spin-offs of other themes/movies/shows. I cried when i saw Alpha Dra-Pony. ='(
  • Users who are indeed complete lovers of Space/Star Wars, can have concept art of themselves. CGCJ is an example.


No entries currently.

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