I have been thinking about this day and night and i should be about right.

I have seen lots of rumours, images, etc. and i think it might, JUST might, be true.

Yellow Ninja

If you haven't noticed through-out brickipedia there is a bunch of fuss about the "Yellow Ninja" and i want answers about this, and i think that there will be a Yellow Ninja, the ninja of Focus, will be placed inside Ninjago 2014, but i have no proof there will be a Ninja Of Focus, but simply a Yellow Ninja without that.

I just bet that there will be a Yellow Ninja. You can post your proof, or your opinion about this, i just want answers really.

Purple Ninja

Ninja of Darkness, Ninja of Shadow, NINJA OF MAELESTROM!!! The prooff of a Purple Ninja is extremely high especially the experience of Zane and Llyod making his clothes pink (THAT WAS NOT, JUST, JUST NOT A PINK THAT WAS A MAGENTA) there has been lots of fuss about Purple Ninjas and i bet there might be one starring in Ninjago 2014.

Like i said, Opinion or Proof, i'm just looking for answers.

Orange Ninja

I disprove this i don't think this will happen, but there might be an Orange Ninja starring Ninjago 2014.

AND ONCE AGAIN! Fire away in the comments about your comments/opinions.

So, please post your proof, i wanna prove this and figure out if this might exist.

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