Hey guys, i decided to make another RP.

the rules are the same as the last roleplay.


ALLL pirate themes.



  • Name: Captain Brix
  • Weapons: Cutlass, and two guns
  • Appearance: Black pirate coat, silver hook hand, Peg leg, Brown Anakin (CW) hair
  • Personality:Funny,Crazy,
  • Faction: None (I just am the captain of my own ship)
  • Race: Human

User:Power Jim

  • Name: Governor Jimside
  • Weapons: Cutlass, Flintlock, Fleet of Imperial ships and men
  • Appearance: Cunning smile, colonial wig, Royal Blue Coat, white pants and yellow epaulette.
  • Personality: Ambitious and tactical in nature. Usually find cunning ways to imprison enemies of the royal flag such as pirates. I enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of a Governor and usually unsettled and angered by disturbances to my plans.
  • Faction: Imperial Navy
  • Race: Human (Male)


Name: Gladimir Knight

Weapons: A sword, a gun, and my pet.

Appearance: Eyepatch, stubble beard, blue coat, sword holder.

Personality: Like my Castle character.

Faction: None (I work for people who pay me)

Race: Human

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