Question 1. =ANSWERED=

Willa says yarharhar, Ann Droid says LRDRLDLRLDRLD, but WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?!!?!!?

I am puzzled on knowing the voices of all the characters in LEGO Racers, as they trigger voices when you go by them, bump into them, etc. and it would be nice to know if you can record the voices, or tell me what they say, and i could archive this all, and probably add it to some of the characters' pages.

Question 2. =ANSEWERED=

Why ain't you addin' charactaaaars brickipediar!!! -redneck/yankee voice

Some characters, like majisto, are playable in LEGO Racers, but aren't said to be playable on Brickipedia, and some people, have the information but are too lazy to post it. In other words, stop being lazy, and add the information.

Question 3. =ANSNWERED=

Sick, Just Sick, Of Johnny Thunder.

How come LEGO keeps posting millions of Adventurers junk in they're games? It's just getting stupid/annoying

Question 4.

Rocket Racer MOCs everywhere <_>

Why didn't LEGO make an oppurtunity on Xalax to make a LEGO Rocket Racer minifigure? I don't get it, it doesn't make sense to make a character and not make it in a set.

I might have more questions soon, but right now answer the ones i have posted, Thanks!

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