So, anyone know about whitetron? Cause' i sure do.

Well, kind of.

Ok, so i found out about Whitetron and i figured out this, no one grabbed whitetron and put it on brickipedia and i want to know why. So, i'm saying this, is it possible if i, a Blacktron Astronaut (I LEFT CAUSE OF WIKIA!) to make a whitetron custom theme? Because you know it seems so intresting and i want it present here on my favorite wiki, here, on Brickipedia.

So, if you were all to let me make the custom article for Whitetron (please supply me with info for the theme) then it can be present here on brickipedia.

so without further a do, the polls for voting if I, King Kahuka, can make this Custom Theme. (Comment if you want, but remember to vote)

May i make the article?

The poll was created at 03:59 on September 28, 2013, and so far 24 people voted.

You can choose how much the votes have to hit till i can make the theme, i'm not choosing it (because if i did you'd complain)

Whitetron LOGO

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