Hi all. Today there's a sci-fi convention going on in Milton Keynes in the UK, which is the closest city to me. I just got back and it's huuuuge!

Before I went, I checked the website for famous guests and I saw that Michael Dorn was going to be there. For those of you who don't know, as well as being in Star Trek Michael Dorn was the voice actor for Mata Nui, the main character in BIONICLE. As a huge BIONICLE fan, I decided to take along my copy of BIONICLE: Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna in the faint hope that if I get close enough to see him he might be able to sign it!

I paid £20 for an autograph ticket and I found Mr Dorn's booth. There was no queue there because he was on lunch break. I waited around for a few minutes, and as a result I was first in line when he got back. He greeted me and asked me how I was, I said "Great thanks, you?" He replied "Oh, I've had a busy day!"

I handed him my book and he looked at it and grinned. "Ah yes, Mata Nui, the Great Spirit!" he said in his trademark deep voice and signed it. I thanked him and made way for the next person in line.

I also got to see various Doctor Who actors and Sean Astin from LOTR, but none beats Mike as far as I'm concerned. :D A truly epic moment, and the book now is the highlight of my collection, having been signed by Mata Nui himself!

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