A few months after I came here in 2009, I decided to check out the Key Chains page, and I was very disappointed. Virtually every single link on that page was red (Apart from the Fabuland ones, strangely), and there was a heck of a lot of links.

Soon after I decided to do something about it: Make all the links blue.

So ever since that day, I have been creating pages of the Key Chains. Today, with the creation of 4287915 Agent Key Chain, my mission is finally complete!

Does this mean that I will be leaving Brickipedia? Of course not. This wiki still needs a lot of pages creating, and with the recent loss of Nighthawk leader, I've decided that Brickipedia now needs my help elsewhere, in the Parts department.

So I will probably be focusing on Parts now (As well as making other contributions as I see fit).

I would like to thank everyone who assisted me in my quest, like SKP4472 and Samdo994 who corrected some mistakes on my pages after I created them, as well as numerous other helpful people whose names I can't remember.

So onto the next challenge!

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