Hello Brickies! Today I will be discussing a rumor involving The Brickster making a possible cameo in the upcoming video game LEGO City: Undercover. It all started when I saw this list of the villains appearances in video games: [1]. This must have obviously been a mistake (As stated by Berrybrick in the comments, the list is forgeting Soccer Mania), but I was still curious, so I Googled "will the brickster appear in lego city undercover?". I didn't find much except for blog comments on how they wished the LEGO Island characters would return, even some saying there would be a Brickster cameo. I also notice that the crook in 60007 Car Chase had a similarity to the trickster, and that this crook also made an appearance in the trailer.

LEGO City Undercover promo art 1
LEGO City Undercover promo art 3

Could this be his cameo? What are your thoughts?

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