Hello, Brickies! This blog is mostly about the comparison between the Level Four Master Builder Academy Minifigure to "The Doctor" from Doctor Who.

Exhibit A: Regeneration

When "The Doctor" is about to die, he goes through a process called regeneration. This changes his physical appearance and personality. I'm pretty sure you all know That the LEGO Master Builder Academy has four different minifigures that appear to look similar to one another. And I'm also sure that I made my point clear that this blog is mainly about the fourth figure.

Exhibit B: Time Travel/Blue

Both the Doctor and the minifigure are known to have time machines. The Doctors time machine is the famous TARDIS. Although not exactly "TARDIS looking", the minifigure to has a time machine. Both time machines are blue.

Exhibit C: Top hats

In these two pictures, The Doctor and the minifigure can be seen with top hats.


The 11th Doctor

Level 4 MBA minifigure

The 4th Builder

Hope you all liked the exhibits. 'Till next time, keep building!

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