Coming soon, this blog will feature all of the minor details I'd like to post as blogs.

The Life of two Skulkin Generals: Ask now!

Kruncha: Hello humans! Its your favorite Skulkin general!

Nuckal: Generals.

Kruncha: Yah, whatever. Any ways, were starting are new blog pages on this guys blog. Theres no picture today, but we'll have a new blog this winter break.

Nuckal: We need you guys to ask questions about us or anything Ninjago related so we can answer them on the new blog Kruncha mentioned. You see Kruncha, I was nice enough to mention you.

Kruncha:Not now Nuckal! Just start asking questions!

WARNING: This is not an official blog by LEGO. What ever happens, do not type any of this on Brickipedia.

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