Hello Brickipedia! I have some exciting news, my friend Eddy told me about this video knowing I liked LEGO, we both also love Minecraft. It reveals hidden plans for a possible Minecraft theme. I later found the website[1] which happens to be Cuusoo. It says LEGO Designers will make prototype models for this theme. The theme might only be made if they get 100,00 supporters. Go to the site, make an account, and start supporting! Also, I can tell most of you don't know what Minecraft actually is, heres two links: the official website, and the wiki.

My Updates

11/22/11: Found this:[2], The project is so popular, it crashed the website!

11/23/11: Found this blog:[3]. I finally changed my profile picture to go with the blog.

11/24/11: 4,761 supporters.

12/3/11: 5,000 SUPPORTERS!!! Half way there!

thumb|300px|right|Go to 04:54 - 05:18 to hear about plans for LEGO Minecraft.


Just imagine...

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