Hello ounce again, Brickipedia! It has been a long time since I've done anything here, but now I'm ready! Since I can't wait for The LEGO Movie, I think I'll start a rumors blog for fun.

Exhibit A: Emmet and Other Characters...


We all know Emmet as the un-creative protagonist who is believed to be "The Special". Now let me just start with one thing that no one has spotted out for some reason, The red brick on his back is glued on. No doubt Lord Business has something to do with it. Maybe Emmet and the "instruction workers" were going to make a building with the glue, but then there was a mishap. Also, according to the Brick Bust game, the glue substance is called "Kragle", another thing no one checked. Another thing no one mentioned was the transparent red piece on his leg in the sets. But we'll discuss that with the other characters.


In the trailer, there is a clip that shows Vitruvius wearing a more wizard like apparel with a gold headband and a real staff instead of the lolipop. Also, his eyes appear to be normal instead of large and pale to represent his blindness. I'm guessing this was a younger version of Vitruvius before some sort of villain (pressumably Business) or whatever turned him in to what he is now.


According to the synopsis on the official website, Wyldstyle shares a history with Batman. I wonder if this is a romantic history (probably not) or a history of training with or being trained by Batman.


All of us should already know about that "Biznis Kitty" thing. I really hope it isn't because she's secretly evil. A better idea would be if Business is keeping her against her will to appear as the host for "Where are My Pants?" so civilians are to busy admiring her cuteness to pay attention to Lord Business' evil plan.

Bad Cop/Good Cop

I suppose that the red piece on Emmet's leg is some sort of tracking device the cop put on him so robots everywhere know where he's at. Another thing I should talk about is the drawn on face on the back of his head in the minifigs series. I'll be honest, it really creeped me out. Something most likely happened to his Good Cop side causing him to draw on that side so Good Cop can have a face.

Lord Business

I feel that his President variation looks a little to much like his voice actor (Will Ferrel). Still, that's a pretty awesome hair piece for a LEGO fan to have. So, He obviously wants to glue the whole world together with Kragle. He might end up gluing his legs to those larger leg things and humorously regret it when he fails.

Exhibit B: The Ending

Coming soon...

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