Alright, so I know I wasn't here for most of the year, so in the comments fill in my slots or correct mistakes. Also, feel free to add stuff in the comments and I will insert it up into this section.


My gosh, this has been one looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng year. I think we can all agree on that. With the Brickimedia situation, the crash of that, coming back. Oy vey, this year needs to be done.

Well, despite all of our valleys this year, we still had our peaks which is what I will highlight, who needs to hear the downsides?

Brickipedian of the Month:

January: LazerzSoH
February: BrickfilmNut
March: RaceLord
April: Irnakk
May: Soupperson1
June: Legoboy9373
July: ToaMeiko
August: ErkelonJay
September: LEGOlas
October: Edward Nigma
November: LFY1547
December: Minifigur (unless a last minute nomination comes in)

New Admins/B'crats:

  • Legoboy9373
  • LSCStealthNinja
  • Shadowwarrior016
  • ErkelonJay
  • Meiko (well, technically he hasn't, but you know)

(to any others who got their rights this year, please let me know and sorry for not having you here)

People We Lost:

  • Cligra
  • NoveFlare
  • KingofNynrah

(same thing as the admin section, if anyone else left, just let me know)

And though I know this is probably the shortest and sloppiest review we have had, I leave you with this: Stick together, whichever URL you may be at. And look forward to new opportunities in the new year!

2014, here we come!

Klagoer (talk)

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