World LOTR Episodes 3&4 World



Author:Mr. Minifigure

Episode Three and the final Episode four of the LOTR mini-series are out. Very well done….

World The Sun October newspaper promotion World


Source(s): Click a Brick

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Yes another LEGO promotion from The Sun. The promotion will last from October 6th to October 13th. The sets are:

World New Architecture Set! World



Author:Mr. Minifigure

Another Architecture set is to be released this year and this time it is 21014 Villa Savoye. It will be released sometime this year and will contain 660 pieces. Looks neat!

World Summer Friends sets now on and Amazon!!! World

Friends girls


Author:Mr. Minifigue

Yay! Summer Friends sets are now on and Amazon. I looked and it looks like we are behind on our articles! Find them and update them!

World New Minifigures Games! World



Author:Mr. Minifigure

New Minifugres Theme games! I still wonder why there was no games for Series 6? The new games are:


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