World 79010 The Goblin King battle video World



Author:Omega X.23

Soon after the 79003 An Unexpected Gathering video comes the largest set of the Hobbit theme...the 79010 The Goblin King Battle video. The video, much like the previous one, bears resemblance to the Designer Videos. Don't even blink when its designer shows off the numerous features such as exploding ladders, bridges and cages. Not to mention the great figures that comes with this set.

World Two new LEGO TNMT sets revealed World



Author:Omega X.23

Two new LEGO TMNT, also known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sets are revealed at the New York Comic Con 2012. The sets revealed are 79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit and 79103 Turtle Lair Attack. They are the second and third TMNT sets to be revealed, closely following the 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase. They are intended for release in early 2013, along with other themes. 79103


World Next Sun promo confirmed! World




Despite the lst Sun promotion not ceasing to exist the Sun had confirmed another promotion starting October 27. Here is the supposed list: 30163: Thor and the Cosmic cube 30165: Hawkeye with equipment 30162: Quinjet 30017: City Police Boat 30200: Zombie chauffeur coffin car 30152: City Mining Quad 30085: Ninjago Jumping Snakes 30210: Lord of the Rings Frodo with cooking corner 30211: Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai with ballista

World LOTR Building Challenge World




LEGO has just released another building challenge on their website this time being The Lord of the Rings. The contest says to build your favourite scene from any of the LOTR movies. To quote:

“Be part of the greatest fantasy movie series of them all! Build your favorite scene from any of the three The Lord of the Rings™ movies – The Fellowship of the Ring™, The Two Towers™, and The Return of the King™ - Using pieces from your LEGO collection and you might be a winner!

Take a color photo of your model (only color photos will be accepted), and upload it here on the LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ website.”

Click the source link for more information.

Will you enter the contest?

World LEGO the Hobbit minisite now open World

LEGO The Hobbit


Author:Omega X.23

The LEGO Hobbit mini website is now open at:, along with the unveiling of the Hobbit sets. The website includes three sections- The front page, which includes a digital map much like the one from the Monster Fighters webpage, showcasing all the Hobbit sets, with more than half of the sets not 'officially' revealed at this point of time (18/10/12). The second section is the products section, which showcases all the products 'currently revealed'. The product page showcases all the features of the product with a zoom feature that can be controlled by the movement of the mouse. The third section is the characters section, which showcases the minifigures released in this wave, along with a brief description.


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