World Ninjago Season 3 revealed! World

Ninjago logo

Source(s): [1]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

After a long suspense the Ninjago season 3 has finally been revealed.

FlagUk LEGO Star Wars summer line now in UK FlagUk

Source(s): Click a Brick

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Now at Smyths in the UK summer Star Wars sets are now available to buy! Hurry before they sell out!

World CUUSOOWatch World


Source(s): CUUSOO

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Minecraft a LEGO CUUSOO project is now being shipped worldwide. Hayabusa is to be shipped soon.

FlagUk Team GB Minifigures now Available! FlagUk

8909 alt1

Source(s): Click a Brick

Author:Mr. Minifigue

The popular new Olympic Minifigures are now for sale in the UK. The official release date is July 1st.

World New LEGO Theme World

Source(s): [2]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

According to there are two new LEGO Big Bang books (not the TV show). A new theme to replace Ninjago?...

World BrickLink World

Source(s): [4]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

As of June 1st the popular BrickLink website has stopped adding new items. The reasoning, unknown... Could this be the slow end to the great site?


  • Omega X.23, for reporting the Ninjago Season 3.
  • CJC95, for reporting the Big Bang books.
  • SKP4472, for most of the news on Click a Brick.

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