World New LEGO CFO World


Source(s): [1]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

After the former CFO of LEGO stepped down as of September 1st, 2012 John Goodwin will become the new LEGO CFO.

World Bricks to Browsers World


Source(s): [2]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Google and LEGO Australia introduce the largest LEGO set the world has ever seen with launch of the launch Build a new browser where you can do LDD.

World German Artist makes LEGO Bridge World


Source(s): [3]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

A German Artist has taken his passion to the next level. The artist has taken a bridge and has made it into look that it is made out of LEGOs. Very neat.

World Walmart gets new summer LEGO sets World


Source(s): [4]

Author:Mr. Minifigure now has the City Hospiotal set, 9525 Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter, and best of all the new Spiderman and Doc-Ock set! Seems very interesting...

World LOTR Chapter 2 World


Source(s): [5]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

LEGO recently released the second mini movie of LOTR. Click the link to watch the video: Click here

World The new LEGO Star Wars set 10227 UCS B-Wing has been revealed! World

Source(s): [6]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

LEGO recently revealed the new Star Wars set in a press release. The set consists of 1,486 pieces and contains no minifigures which I think is just plain silly. I mean all those pieces but no minifigs! So strange...


  • Darth henry, for reporting the second LOTR movie.
  • SKP4472, for reporting the German artist making a "LEGO" bridge..
  • Omega X.23, for reporting the reaveling of 10227 UCS B-Wing .

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