It is really hotting up here. The Ultra Agents, Agent poll scores are: Curtis Bolt: 50%, Jack Fury: 33.33%, Solomon Blaze: 16.67%. For the Ultra Agents villains: Terabyte: 40%, Psyclone: 20%, Toxikita: 20%, Tremor: 20%. For the Star Wars poll there is: Jedi: 50%, The republic: 50%. For the harry potter poll: Ravenclaw: 50%, Gryffindor: 50%. For the ninjago poll: Kai: 33.33%, Zane: 33.33%, Lloyd Garmadon 33.33%. It is about halfway through this weeks compitetion. If you like a lego series then give it a go! Choose which one you would like to choose and vote for it! Updates will be coming out every day so make sure you listen up!

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