Hello everybody! Its been a long time since ive done enything like this, but today id like to announce you guys that i have a proper camera now! I got it for my birthday, its an Sony HD handycam with steady shot, 29.8mm wide-angle, steady shot and a 2.7 wide LCD panel. So i might be doing sig-figs? I dont want to do a traditional sig-fig blog since people seem to hate them. And youre also gonna see some of my LEGO collection, but i have to say.. i dont have some of the more current stuff. But i do have some 2010-2012 sets and some mutch older ones that are not intact. Here are some minifigs i made.

Korp Camera

Its a plastic me, with an ostrich.

Korp Camera two

This might look a bit.. well wierd, since i accidently tuck it from an angle with the light buld in the left there, i realised it now..

Korp Camera three

This is some 80s campy action hero stuff right here.

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