Moro everybody! I am Korppufin and i proudly present you the reason to the chanceling of Brick Doctor. Introducing all new Cube Dude Hub. You can request for Cube Dudes or Cube Ladys in the comment section.


Step number 1 The names or name of the Cube Dude or Lady you want to have a picture (up to 3 Cube Dudes or Ladys in one request,doing many requests just in one day is not allowed).

Step number 2 Reason why you want the cube dude (not nessessary)

Step number 3 Whait for me to do it. I might not fill all the request becouse of pisifick reason.

Step number 4 When ive done the cube dude. Youre free to put the cube dude to your user page as a gift from me. (copying under your name will be imposible becouse of me doing my name to every single screenshot of a Cube Dude made from a request just for the heck of it.)

Holliday break :still on


Korppus Cube Dude Hub Version II

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